Saturday, May 06, 2006

What I like About Yarn

First of all I'm not a yarn snob (can't afford to be!) Of course I love wonderful, yummy, expensive yarns, but usually knit with the best I can afford. I love my local LYS, and shop there often, but I also buy yarn at A.C. Moore, and even Walmart. I order on line too, mostly from Knit Picks. I'm a felting addict, and my favorite felting yarns are Lopi, Cascade 220, and Galway. I'm a new sock knitter (magic loop method), and so far have only used Knit Picks Parade, and LB Magic Stripes for making socks. I do like Novelty yarns, ribbons, ladders, all the wonderful textured yarns, etc., but I really have enough fun fur to last me a lifetime! I love variegated and self striping yarns. My favorite self striping is Noro, but there are a lot of others I would love to try. It's so much fun to see the colors change. I would love to be able to knit some of the beautiful lace shawls, etc, I have seen others knit in all of the beautiful lace weight yarns, but I'm afraid I just don't have the patience for lace. I am trying though (see "The Amazing Lace" post below). As for color, I guess I would have to say green - in any shade first, but I like blues, pinks, purples - in fact, I really don't dislike any color.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, there from your OneSkein SP!!

Hmmm, it is so nice to see that you like so many of the same yarns as I do. I have never tried lace but have seriously considered trying it.

I'm with you about buying what you can afford but have learned from too many really yucky things that I would rather save up in order to be able to afford a better quality yarn.