Saturday, May 13, 2006

"What's Your Skein" Project

This Lion Brand Micro Spun yarn called to me as I was strolling up and down the yarn isles at A.C.Moore with my 40% off coupon. I loved the soft feel of it, and the great color. From one skein I was able to get two of the small Soft Drawstring Pouches from "Last-Minute Knitted Gifts" and from another skein I knit The Double Eyelet Rib Scarf from the "Little Box of Scarves" to go in the pouch. I think it will make an adorable gift! I also think it might qualify as one of my partners in "The Amazing Lace" since it does have holes in it!

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Anonymous said...

My kids and I were at a local JoAnns this weekend and came upon the MicroSpun. I hadn't seen it before. It is very soft. I assume that it works up well, too.