Tuesday, May 02, 2006

What's Your Skein

Well - one link led to another - you know how that is, and I found this KAL - http://skeinalong.blogspot.com/ I couldn't resist this one - You go into your stash, pull out one skein of yarn, and see what you can knit with it.
I'm really excited to see all the great projects made with one skein of yarn. I'm always looking for things to make with that one leftover skein of yarn, and there are lots of new ideas here! My first contribution is made with Moda-Dea Beadnik, color 2933, 'With it White', which caught my eye because of all the tiny beads going through it. This "Knecklace" from the Knitty Archives (winter '05.) took less than half of the 103 yard skein. The pattern gives you a formula for using any yarn and any size needle, so I'm planning to try it with different yarns. It's hard to see the beads in the picture, but they are there!

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