Monday, May 29, 2006

Finished P&P Project for Knit the Classics

"Besotted: silly; foolish; infatuated; to muddle or stupefy (amaze; astonish)"

My Besotted Scarf (by tells the story of the besotted Bennett family. First there is the 'silly' Mrs. Bennet, who will do anything to marry off her daughters to rich men, the 'foolish' Lydia who runs off with Wickham, and of course Lizzie and Jane's 'infatuation' with Darcy and Bingley. They all made quite an 'amazing muddle' of things and it was 'astonishing' that everything turned out as well as it did.
Like the Bennett family, my scarf is not wealthy. It comes from just two skeins of Paton's Marino Wool. And as I 'muddled' through the X and O pattern, I was often 'stupefied' by C4F and C4B cables going the wrong way. I felt 'silly' when I made a wrong turn and ended up with an hug when there should have been a kiss, and 'foolish' for not being more attentive to my knitting. While I admit that in the beginning I took a dislike to the pattern, in the end, I was as 'infatuated' with my besotted scarf as Lizzie was with Darcy and I found myself in as much of a hurry to finish it (and meet the KTC deadline) as Austen seemed to be to finish the book.. 'Amazingly' both the scarf and the book ended (somewhat) lovingly, with lots of hugs and kisses. I found myself quite 'astonished' that I had PRIDE in my scarf AND no longer harbored any PREJUDICE against cables.
Hugs and Kisses to you all. See you at "Wuthering Heights."

Jane (but not Austin or Bennet)

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Anonymous said...

your scarf is absolutely wonderful and tale of it is truly a classic!

Hope you had a great weekend.

your One Skein Pal