Thursday, August 28, 2008

Back to Work

My countdown may be showing 5 more days until school starts, but of course the staff goes back long before the kids to get things ready. Today was the annual 'body fluids', and 'sexual harassment' workshop. Even though I have had the body fluids training (how to prevent Hepatitis and HIV) every year for 26 years, I still do not stop to put gloves on before helping a child who is bleeding. I admit I am more careful, but just can't quite get the knack of saying - okay so you're bleeding, just stay right there while I get my gloves! The afternoon was more fun as we had a Maine author, Sanford Phippen as a guest speaker. He grew up here and still (at the age of 66) teaches at the University of Maine. He was funny and inspirational and a good way to start off the new school year. Tomorrow we meet as a staff to discuss what the new year will bring - hope to get some more inspiration and be ready to meet and great the kids on Tuesday! Even after all these years the first day of school is exciting and something I will dearly miss when I retire.
Did you see the photo I posted for "Wordless Wednesday"? That's the type of scenery I have to look at as I drive to work in the morning - tough, huh? Oh, sometimes it's foggy, and sometimes in the winter there is sea smoke rising off the water - but it's always a breathtaking scene!
In the meantime, I'm anxiously awaiting the 'box' for the dishrag tag. I'm hoping to get it tomorrow so I can get it back out by Saturday - otherwise, it's the long weekend, and no mail until Tuesday. I'm also working on my Special Olympics scarf - almost finished with the first one and will have plenty of that good old RH Supersaver to make another.


Aunt Kathy said...

Well good news about the holiday mailing, all the teams will have the same mailing issues, right?

Wendy said...

I don't want you to think that I have forgotten to thank you publicly on my blog for the great bag. I love it and have used it almost every day since it got here!

But you know how things go with the beginning of the year for teachers. My position takes it a step farther and I need to be back a week before new teachers and I'm constantly planning and providing staff development for new and returning teachers, plus getting my rooms ready (that's right multiple rooms in multiple buildings), meeting with admin to discuss their plans for the year, and checking in with the new teachers to see what they need. I'm getting home late every night and I'm completely exhausted! I promise to post about it soon.

Enjoy your last weekend of freedom from the classroom!

SimplyMe said...

Body fluids and sexual harassment. Ya know, schools sure know how to mix topics, don't they *evil grin*

I don't go find the gloves either. Then again, I still hug when the situation warrants....



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