Sunday, August 10, 2008

Enablers (don't you just love 'em!)

Thanks to some of my enabling friends, (you know who you are!) I have, for some mysterious reason, joined Mystery Stole 4. Why is this so strange? This involves laceweight yarn, tiny beads, and small needles. I've only knit with laceweight yarn once, and that was a very small scarf that I frogged many times before completing. I not only joined Mystery Shawl 4 but I ordered my yarn and beads.

I liked this excerpt from a post on the MS4 Yahoo Group -

"Re: Lace is scary! And preparing for lace is hard.
Patience, a quiet, undisturbed place to knit with something> relaxing, and non-alchoholic- -wine and lace knitting do not mix until> you are way more experienced with it."

I know that lace is just knit, purl, and YO, but it's the "patience' part that I have trouble with!

Another enabler, has challenged me to put Maine on the map on Close Knit Hugs ,

They are running an Olympics Contest over there to see which State can knit the most squares for their project during the Olympics. Shelly is running her own contest in conjunction with this one. So, besides my Ravelympics projects, I'll be knitting squares and that's something I can do with a glass of wine!

I hope I've 'enabled' a few of you today!


SimplyMe said...

Okay, one enabler to another, I suppose. I joined that dratted stole too, and I have never knitted lace. I have some yarn from in my cart, and a crochet hook too. Any suggestions for bead colors for black?

Thanks for participating and advertising the contest for Close Knit hugs. So far its you, me and AK.......but you never know what may happen by Sept 1, right?

Off to go olympic knit, square crochet and prepare the slate for this new lace adventure!

Aunt Kathy said...

I am NOT joining the stole KAL, NO WAY, NO HOW. LOL

countrychicken said...

Sounds like you have some knitting to do. I received the book mark from the contest that you had, thanks so much, love it.

magnoliasntea said...

Hi Jane! Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving a comment.

Love those yarns & beads! Hope your MS4 turns out very well! :)

Nancy @ the Jersey Shore said...

I'm so far behind on some Lace Shawl KAL I haven't even started yet...problem with lace, is there are not enough hours of quiet time, let alone knitting time! And of course, the suggestion of knit without wine is a deterrent too. The yarn you chose is really pretty for it.

AR said...

Wow, those are tiny beads! Good luck, I have way too many projects going to even think about letting you enablers get to me. hehe
I can see it is going to be gorgeous, though.