Saturday, August 16, 2008


The Dish Rag Tag has begun! My team is Phaster than Phelps, so you better watch out! Emily mailed the boxes out on Friday so the race is on! There is a little Dish Rag Tag Widget on my sidebar that will show the progress of our team. I've been training for a week now (with my Ravelympic projects), and have my needles sharpened and ready to go!

It's time for the Red Scarf Project - details are here and to give you a little more incentive Scout is running a contest on her blog for anyone who spreads the word! So I'm spreading the word Scout, knitting at least one scarf, and challenging my friends to do the same!

I received my Medal for the bag-n-tote backstroke. What a proud moment that was, standing up on the Podium receiving my medal from Bob! (see the video of the race below!)

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Aunt Kathy said...

Ha Jane you are already behind the Sweet Sixteens as you spelled Faster with a PH... we all know F comes before P, LOL

Congrats on your medal

And JANE JANE JANE are you trying to kill me??? Now I have to knit a RED SCARF too??? Did you not hear I had to make 75, I said 75, squares?????

Oh OK, NO more though, I am calling UNCLE