Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I Don't Remember Growing Older

How could my DD possibly be married for 19 years? I've only been married for...well, um - 44 years. Diana was a beautiful bride - and is even more beautiful today. Jayson has a lot less hair these days! And of course you've all seen pictures of their beautiful children (slideshow at the bottom of the page). Happy Anniversary Diana & Jayson!


danielle said...

Congrats to both of you!

Aunt Kathy said...

Jane... what a beautiful dress. That's one thing I am sad about not getting to have a daughter.

She is just beautiful

SimplyMe said...

Awwwww. What a great lookin' couple. Happy Anniversary to them, kudos to you on 44 years. That didn't come easy. They never do.

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Diana and Jayson. She is beautiful.

And we aren't growing older, they are!