Thursday, August 07, 2008


I spent the day in Bar Harbor (an hour's drive) yesterday with my sister who is visiting from New Jersey. After lunch at the Parkside, where we enjoyed crabmeat melts and watching the hustle and bustle of shoppers walking by, we browsed the stores, and then met up with my DD and two granddaughters and went to the 6 o'clock show at Reel Pizza, where you can watch a movie while you eat gourmet pizza. We split the 'special' of the night, goat cheese, fresh basil, & tomato - yummy! They actually have couches and recliners in the front of the theater with t.v. trays! We saw Mamma Mia which was great! Meryl Streep, my favorite actress was amazing! I didn't know that she could sing like that. My DD and my sister had both seen the play on Broadway and loved it, they enjoyed the movie equally as well.

This post does have a knitting content! Since this movie was very popular, we had to go early to get seats and luckily I had my 'emergency' knitting with me. The cabled headband I'm making to match the Irish Hiking Scarf is a perfect small project to carry along.
I couldn't find a pattern I liked so I'm just making a garter border and one cable in the middle, making it narrower at each end and wider in the middle.
Tomorrow I have to CO for my two Ravelympic events and I'm beginning to realize that I overextended myself!


Aunt Kathy said...

I brought emergency knitting with me too, but Jane a cab;e is not what I consider friendly traveling emergency material, yikes. A grandma's favorite dishcloth (no pattern needed) now that's emergency knitting material, LOL

aksunflour said...

Just wondering how a movie eats gourmet pizza.

LOL emergency knitting, almost always have some w/me.