Thursday, August 21, 2008

Swatches, Swaps & Sunshine

Did you know that you can send a post to your blog right from Flickr? I didn't know that! The more I learn about blogging the more I find out I don't know anything! So anyway this is my practice swatch for the MS4 KAL (what am I thinking?) One thing I know already is that I bind off too tightly. I'll have to use a bigger needle to bind off (if I ever get that far). I only did two repeats and I was supposed to do 3 I think, and I haven't blocked it, so it looks like a bunch of holes, but the yarn seems to work with the #4 needles I am using. I guess I should try another one and work some beads into it so I can practice doing that and see how they look. I have knit using beads before but never using such thin yarn and such tiny beads.

Have you see this Hat Attack Swap? It looks like a lot of fun. If it had been going on during the summer I would have joined - but September is hard enough without having to worry about being killed by a hat. And the other thing is - and get this - they expect you to get the right gauge when you knit the hat and if you don't it's a 'misfire'. I guess they don't use my technique of knitting a hat and then giving it to whoever it fits. I really can't do it! School will be starting and for the first month I usually stumble in my front door, brain dead, and only able to concentrate on the most mindless of knitting projects. Those little kids can really zap the energy right out of you! And this year's class promises to be especially challenging! However....just because I can't do it, there is nothing to stop YOU from doing it. Then you can tell me how much fun I am missing! Let me know if you sign up. And if you see my name on the list of participants - you can call me crazy! Oh - did I tell you the prize is $500 worth of yarn from South West Trading Co. I think that goes to the last person still alive at the end.

I did join the Inspired to Knit Knitalong and Mood Board - even though I don't have the book I think the mood board is a very interesting concept and would fit in with my other hobby - scrapbooking.

Tori turned 9 this week - very hard to believe my baby gdd is 9 years old!

She had a beach party last Saturday with 7 of her friends at their lake house.

The day began with rain, but that didn't stop the girls from swimming - after all, they were going to get wet anyway. It did clear up and the sun came out, and it was hard to bribe the girls to come out of the water and do the crafts and games we had planned.

The birthday girl. Can you tell that the frosting on the cake was blue?

The sun's so bright we have to wear shades!


Aunt Kathy said...

Jane I love the picture with all the shades, too funny

And I better not see your name or mine on the hat thing... no way, no how.

Pati said...

Hubby says to try the crochet bind off. Use a size larger then the needles your are using when doing this. And remember to be loose! Give this a try. This is what he does when he binds off, also he does a crochet cast on.

jopal said...

Looks like a fun party!
I make hats the way you do - whoever can get it on their head gets to keep it!