Monday, February 09, 2009

Catching up on 52 in 52

Here are a couple more FOs to add to my 52 in 52 challenge. I finished my Noro sock yarn shawl - really a shawlette.
Another pair of Norwegian slippers - same colors, difference sequence. I made these a little bit larger. I think they need something - like maybe a button on the front.


Unknown said...


I am going to make me some slippers and I love the shawl.

Hope you have a great week.

Do you have the number of days counted to retirement?

Mary Lynn

Aunt Kathy said...

Yeah I suddenly felt like the slippers needed something on the front too... hence the bobles... I found a site that felts bobles individually, too cool... so I made those and felted them right on the front, it worked, LOL

Yarn Devil said...

Love how your shawl turned out!!! Beautiful, colourful! Like your slippers too... I agree they may need something, but are nice and functional the way they are :)

SimplyMe said...

Wow, you're going for the big projects Jane!!!! the look great. Have you worn the shawl yet?

Joyce said...

They're both lovely. I have felted one thing, and it looks like it needs to be shaved. It felted fine, but is not really smooth. Is this how they are supposed to look straight from the washer?

Also, was this just one skein of Noro sock yarn for the shawl? It is lovely.

aksunflour said...

yep the socks are in need of somepin. Good job about attempting to stay on task for 52 in 52.

loverly shawl.

Darcys Knotty Knitter said...

Those are the prettiest slippers I have ever seen and your shawl is yummy:)Hugs Darcy